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Crosspoint Christian School

Philosophy of Christian Education


Crosspoint Christian School’s philosophy of Christian education focuses on the development of the entire student—spirit, mind, and body.  CCS provides Christian Education for students, Pre-3 through 12th grade.  This education starts in preschool with basic skills grounded in an appreciation of God and His Creation combined with social skills built around Christian love and respect.  The elementary and high school curriculum contains the Biblical foundation of God’s truth and the understanding of the differences between a secular and a Christian world view.  We believe the Bible sets forth a worldview that must inform and direct the study of every subject.  Since God is the creator (John 1:3) and He is truth (Ex. 34:6; John 14:6) the Bible is our primary written text.  All that is true comes from Him; therefore, we believe all subjects must be taught from His perspective.


The Word of God teaches that parents are responsible for the education of their children (Deut. 6:4-7; Eph. 6:4).  Crosspoint desires to be a trusted partner in this process.  We are dedicated to providing a secure environment that supports Christian values and makes provisions for the individual differences of each child, challenging them to their fullest potential in Christ.


The Association of Christian Schools International, our accreditation authority, challenges Christian schools to offer the very best in intellectual development and spiritual formation.  Crosspoint takes this challenge seriously and is committed to the professional development of our staff, the selection of effective and relevant curriculum, and adequate facilities to support this effort.


Excellence is a key element of our educational philosophy with the recognition that all students are individually important to God and are endowed with a unique set of gifts which are to be developed.  The discipline and edification that is necessary to the development of Christ-like character will be integrated into every part of each student’s school day.  Students are expected to critically evaluate their own conduct, choices, and actions and apply the knowledge they acquire in all areas of their lives. 


Therefore, our desire is that as CCS follows this philosophy of education, all graduates will be born-again Christians, purposefully pursuing Christlikeness in themselves and encouraging that development in others.  As their God given talents and abilities allow, they will be critical thinkers.  They will enjoy learning and be devoted to continuing this process throughout their lifetime.  They will realize that accomplishing the will of God is their primary purpose in living and due to the intellectual and character-based tools they have received at their home, church and at Crosspoint, they will be successful at accomplishing God’s will for their lives.

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