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Our Academics


Crosspoint teach the Bible because it is required. Jesus commanded us to make disciples, not just converts, and disciples are made by teaching the Word. This is a requirement for fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:20). 


 Scientific literacy allows students to understand the complex world we live in, and also allows them to think critically. These skills include asking the right questions, doing research, analyzing information, and more. 


Music allows student to think about complex patterns. Students have to be absolutely aware of what every other musician does at every time. In that way, it fosters cooperation. No musician is independent of the whole, and yet each musician is a part of that whole, with a unique part to contribule.

Writing - Literacy

A traditional approach to writing is a foundational skill taught in preschool - high school. Cursive writing is part of our third and fourth grade curriculum. 


Those who know geography  understand the interdependence of our world and how we are connected through location, place, movement, region, and human interactions and environment. . 


 The study of history helps students gain a better understanding of the events that have shaped our world, understand current world issues and how they relate to each other. It focuses on the history of early civilizations, various nations, and their differences and similarities. 


No common core here! Crosspoint uses standard math curriculum that focuses on fundamental math while incorporating new math concepts one step at a time by repetition. 

Physical Education

Physical excersise is proven to increased concentration and focus. Fights child obesity. Improve sleep quality. Relieves stress. Reduces levels of depression and anxiety. Increase leadership skills and teamwork.Plus, teaches positive body image and self discipline.


 Teaching Spanish starting in elementary helps students have a better understanding of language and culture. Speaking multiple languages is shown to help students in the workforce. 

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