High School Experience

Students Taking Exams

Crosspoint Christian offers an Honors Diploma to qualifying students.  Seniors are provided with individualized college and career planning in our College Survival and Success class.

Crosspoint offers college preparatory curriculum and elective courses that support individual growth and development. Crosspoint's staff values the unique needs of each student and is dedicated to their academic success. Crosspoint is proud to report legacy of a 100% graduation rate with Oregon University Systems requirements met.  Scholarship offers for a graduating class often averages $850K each year.  In addition to offering higher education opportunities, Crosspoint helps enable students to discover  their leadership abilities, be involved in community service projects, and discover their unique God-given talents.

Crosspoint  is blessed to partner with Klamath Community College and Oregon Institute of Technology to offer dual credit college courses to our high school students.  CCS students earn high school and up to a years worth of college credit at the same time.  During the 2021/2022 school year, CCS will offer Physics, Psychology, College Survival and Success, Environmental Science, Spanish, Math 111/112, and Cultural Geography on campus. Off-campus OIT or KCC classes can also earn dual credit upon registrar approval.  Dual credit classes provide the rigorous coursework colleges and employers are looking for in applicants.

Math Class

Crosspoint Christian will continue to add to its list of class offerings.  Plans are being made to offer Engineering, Writing 121/122, and Speech 111 on campus as early as 2022.